Saturday, February 23, 2013


As mentioned in the previous post I have a stamp set to give away in celebration of my upcoming un-birthday (February 29!). My plan is to hopefully boost my followers that will in turn, encourage me to post more often!

Before the giveaway, I want to share something I whipped up early this morning.
I am a member of Paper Craft Planet, and one of the groups I signed up for last year was Secret Pal. Over a period of a year you are required to send your pal 6 cards. I sent many more and a gift here and there to my secret Pal Anne in Denmark. At the end of the year it was revealed who your secret pal was. This year I am signed up to Random Happies. I can send cards to whomever I want at any time. My birthday is coming up at the end of the week, and so Anne sent me a huge package in the mail.
2 packs of paper, a Christmas elf stamp, a Union Jack embossing envelope and 20, count 'em, 20 different bags of tea!
This morning when I got up I went to the kitchen and decided to have one of those teas. I chose the English Breakfast, because it was morning and, well, I am originally from England! As the kettle was boiling I realised I needed to put the teas away, but at the same time I wanted them out so that I will use them. For me out of sight really is out of mind!  As I poured the water onto the teabag I got an idea. While the tea steeped, I cut down a cracker box that was destined for the recycling bin, and covered it with a sheet from one of the paper packs Anne sent.  Then I added the milk, just a touch, to my tea. I took out a punch and found some Thickers and this is what I came up with.

Then I sat down to finish my tea! It really was that quick.

I am also a member of another group, Crafter's Tea Party. Each month there is a challenge and we send another member some tea. So the teas I have received will also go in this box that will sit on my counter, near the kettle.
Did you know tea solves most of the world's problems?


To be eligible just:
  1. Follow me either through Google reader or email, (check the right panel)
  2. Leave a comment about your favourite beverage (and a way I can contact you)
  3. Share this giveaway on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
That's it.
I will make a random draw on March 3rd.


glitterbird said...

Wow Mary, This is great. Rats

glitterbird said...

Well Mary, You already know my favorite beverage. I drink it every day. probably too much,but then again I think it is an innocent vice.

Warm n Wonderful said...

Thanks, Rats.

Ina said...

Lovely idea to keep your tea bags in. Looks great. Oh and it has been a LONG time since I have heard someone saying the word steeping. My Mum would use that word often since we were born just north of the border to you in Bonny Scotland.

Warm n Wonderful said...

Well it either steeps or brews. I'll take it either way!

Mary Gregor said...

Maple Mary, my favorite drink is a toss up between Diet Pepsi, Which I drink for the wake up buzz--don't like the taste of coffee or tea or Sprecher's Cream soda. This is a brewery here in Milwaukee, that makes Sprecher Root Beer soda. They have a great variety of soda flavors and also some micro beers. Not a big beer drinker. I love you tea holder and might try this for my hot cocoa bags. Stay warm and HUGS!!! Milwaukee Mary

Andaje said...

Well Mary, since I drink abt 1½ box of tea every week, it's easy to save 1-2 from each box to swaps etc or in this case as part of a birthday present to my 2012 SP :)
Glad you enjoy what I sent to you

Warm n Wonderful said...

I have been drinking them every day. This morning for breakfast I had a spiced chai, it was yummy. Thank you once again Anne.

Keitha said...

Your tea box is a great idea! Happy almost birthday, girlfriend :)