Thursday, November 17, 2016

Holiday Gifts for teachers at work

Thanks to Angelina Clark over at, I made these cute holiday gifts for the teachers at school.

Instead of the gift card aspect, I simply made the top into a card.
When I took these photos I added a cheap copy of Ferrero Roche, but I have since switched them out for the real thing!

Then I found this lovely idea to make snowman tea lights. I'll add where I found the idea later, since I've forgotten at this time. Anyway it was pretty easy to make these two gifts, and I'm sure the staff at work will love them.
Now I'm getting busy with making the 31 student gifts. I'm making 2 types of decorations for them. When they are finished, I may make a tutorial for them.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Tutorial Trials

I thought I'd give making a card tutorial a try. The first had to be deleted as almost nothing was in frame. Please understand, I don't have any of the equipment needed to do this! Just a Samsung tablet that a friend got free when she signed up to a new bank account and she gifted it to me.

So the second one I just redid the card again. I just added a little more adhesive. It was okay, but in order to get everything in, I filmed it vertically. Of course the best videos need to be horizontal.

Now for the third. Figured out how to film horizontally so I gave it a try. This time it worked really well. I did forget however my scissors, so I had to go quickly to get them. Other than that I think it was a good video.

So here it is and don't forget to comment.

Thank you.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Christmas cards

Here are a few that I have been working on.

Birthday Card

I've seen many of these double Z fold cards on Pinterest, so I thought it might be time to give it a try. All the tutorials on YouTube were so long, but in all honesty it's a pretty quick card to make. Having said that, I chose a stamp that needed coloring, so it took longer than necessary.
My friend Ida is celebrating her birthday and I've been invited to her party. It was hinted that she was looking to buy something from the Jays Shop since she is a huge Toronto Blue Jays fan. So a gift card is tucked into this card.
Hope you like it Ida

Monday, August 01, 2016

Back to card making

So now the summer is here I've been making a few cards. The one above is using a sketch mojo459 from mojomonday. I'll be adding a few more Christmas ones, as I go along. I wanted to post this one, as a test since I'm trying to make a blog post from my phone. Let's see if it works.

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Card Swap Group

I joined a card swap a number of years ago, ensuring I sent at least 5 cards to my secret person during the year. I did it for a couple of years, and of course I sent more than 5. I also sent to others who celebrated birthdays and holidays. The first year I was matched up with someone who must have been a beginner. She sent me only 5 cards, and 2 of them were identical except for colour. The others were very basic, as though put together by a child.  The next year that person didn't sign up for it, and I got someone who was a bit more experienced, and it became fun.

The group was closed down by its owner, and although I have no one to send cards to, I still make them. A couple of weeks ago, one of the people who used to be in that swap group posted a call out to join a Facebook group. I decided it would be a great idea. The only concern I have is that at least 3 cards should be sent out a month. Hopefully I can keep up with that during the school year.

So here are the first cards:
Christmas in September

Black and White

Just because I am a little concerned that I won't get cards made in time, I have signed up for the October swaps already. Here are 2 of the 3 I signed up for, I have plenty of time to get that last one done.
Fancy Fold

So I am back in the card making mode, and I love having my creativity back!

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Christmas in September

I saw this sketch and I knew immediately what I wanted to do with it. It turned out almost exactly as I imagined, I just ended up changing the colour of the background paper. So it came together probably the fasted I've ever made a card.

I love MojoMonday sketches, they inspire often, and they are offered weekly.

This is the one I decided to make:

I am sending this, along with some other Christmas cards to someone in a Facebook card swap group. I'm also sending these:

For a Black and White Swap

For a Kite Swap
I used a Wobble under the kite, so if you flick the bottom of the kite it wiggles
So after a really long time of not crafting, I've finally gotten back to it. Only problem is summer is just about over, and I've got to go back to work next week.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Kindergarten Graduation

I've spent the majority of my days in Room 5 kindergarten class @tdsb_wilkinson this year. About half of the kids will be graduating from senior kindergarten to grade one. We will be having a little ceremony for those kids along with the other 3 kindergarten classes this week. They learned 2 new songs to perform at the ceremony, nothing cuter than 5 and 6 year olds singing to an audience.

I made these little tags to double as book marks for room 5 graduates. I used my Cricut machine, patterned paper in the school colours, some red and white twine, and lots of patience for some intricate gluing.

I'm really happy with how they turned out.