Saturday, February 19, 2011

Paper Bag Baby Album

I have made lots of these albums in the past year.  Lots of babies being born.  So I thought I'd try to take photos of the process.

I begin with taking 8 paper bags and cutting them down and adhering them together.

Then I usually ink the edges of each page.
Then I choose the papers that I will use in the book.  This time the recipient doesn't know if it is a girl or a boy, which makes it a little more difficult for me.  This is the first time I haven't used "baby" papers.
I adhere these papers to the pages.
I cut out two pieces of card that is firm enough for the front and back cover.  I cover both sides of the front and the back.
Here I have only covered one side.  Next I decide what colour cardstock I will use as mats for the photos and journaling.  I also pull out lots of embellishments. I start to put the pages together.
The inside of the front cover

On the next page a tiny pocket with a tag
There is a pocket between these 2 pages that hold 2 large tags
In the tiny pocket I cut a window to see the tag within
This is the inside of the back page
Here you can see that within each paper bag there are large tags to add more photos
The final step is to attach the front and back cover with a coordinating piece of paper
The completed album.  Well except to the front cover title and embellishments.  That will be done over the weekend.