Sunday, June 24, 2012

Butterflies are Free

Didn't have time to make the second post, but will later when I've got time. Here is a quick one showing the 2 cards I made for a set to give to the principal of the school I work at. She is going to another school in September so I wanted to give her something. When people leave a school they always get gifts or cards, so I made these thank you cards. She loves butterflies, which gave me the opportunity to use Butterfly2build from Stephanie Barnard.
 And this is the folder I made to put them all in.
Thanks for looking.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Retirement Book

Wow, just realised there are no posts for May. So I will post 2 today!

I have had this lovely black and white paper pack for some time now and had been waiting for the right project to use it for. I had also found a mini stack that was also black and white and had a letter of the alphabet for each page.
So I got to work on this retirement book for someone I have only known for the past 9 months. She is the resource teacher for the primaries in my school. It was because I don't know her well that this book was so easy and pleasurable to make. I didn't know the colours she liked or her 'style', so that make it really easy to get to work on.

That is it. I just added a little bit of red to each page, to give it a little colour, and I LOVE it.

I gave Paula the book last week and she told me she was going to keep it beside her bed and will add things as she does them.