Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sympathy in Kind

When I stared working at Bruce school in 2004, I had just returned from the funeral of my mother in England, and had to start at a new school. I was greeted by a few staff, but one in particular stood out.

Blair was the French Teacher, whose parents were originally from Scotland. He is the best at accents, and he loves English comedy TV shows. We have that in common, (comedy, not accents). We became friends, and he made me laugh on a daily basis. He didn't know about my mum dying, but his humour made me happy, and that was how he unknowingly helped me with my grief.

Blair left Bruce school to teach at another school, and I missed him. However, I always stayed in touch, and if I ever go to England, I pick him up some Thornton's toffee and some Fortnum and Mason Lemon Curd. It gives me an excuse to see him.

This past summer I had to go home for my dad's funeral and again I picked up both goodies for Blair. We got together, grabbed a coffee and went down to Sugar Beach, where we found a couple of Muskoka chairs and sat and caught up on each other's lives. He had a scare last year with a heart concern, but he looked good and he made me laugh with his always very funny stories. Even though we don't see each other very often, I consider him a good friend and we can pick up wherever we left off.

I saw a Facebook posting from him letting his friends know that his father had passed away. It made me feel sad, initially remembering my dad's recent death, but then for Blair. He was very close with his dad, and I know he must be suffering the pain of losing him.  What can I do to bring him comfort? Well I will do what I know, I have made him a card, and I will be there for him when he needs to talk. I don't think I can make him laugh, but for sure I will try.

My deepest condolences Blair, I know the pain of losing a parent, and can only say to hold your memories close and your family closer.