Saturday, October 04, 2014

Paper Smooches

I tried adding a different card to Paper Smooches, since my other one doesn't qualify, (I didn't read the rules!) but it wouldn't allow the same link. So I thought I'd try another blog post to see if it will let me post two submissions.

Anyway here is the sketch
And here is my card.
Go on over and check out the other cards that have been submitted:

National Card Making Day

I knew I wanted to get some cards made today as it is Card Making Day, so I checked out my Pinterest to see what I had pinned to make at a later date. I also had decided I would be making Christmas cards as it's only 89 days away!!!

The first thing I did was to cut out a card base. I had just bought a pack of white card stock, so I decided it would be white. My son fished out 2 packs of white envelopes from the recycling next to the mailboxes in my building. Twenty five envelopes in each pack. Score! So I decided to use them. I thought I would just fold the cardstock in half, 8.5" x 5.5" in size, but it turned out the cards had to be cut to 5" x 7", so it was a bit of extra cutting.

Here is the first set of 6 that I did.
I thought it would be quick and easy, but I made tying those bows a lot harder than I should have. Then I decided to make 6 different cards, So these 6 cards took me 3 hours! Can you believe it? Three hours.

Then I went off to my meditation class and when I got back at 3 pm I had something to eat and drink. Can I tell you about my drink?

The most yummiest thing ever. I found this lemonade at Winners for $3.99, but it was pear flavour. It's made in France, and is labeled 'Gluten Free'. It is the most amazing sparkling lemonade ever. I have also tried their orange flavour and another one that I forget, because I left it at Maria's pirate party. I can't wait to taste the plain lemonade that is chilling in the fridge. Oh, and the bottles are reusable too!
Only about half a glass left in there!
So I got busy again with making cards. I saw this very simple one, that required next to no time at all. Red, white, black and silver cardstock, a few black jewels and a stamp.
Love, love, love these!
Finally I decided it was time to change it up. I subscribe to Freshly Made Sketches, and they often have fun and interesting idea, and I decided to use one I saw a couple of days ago. This one is definitely out of the ordinary.
So here is the one I made, not only changing up the style, but the colour scheme too.
I like that it is clean, and can be used for those who don't celebrate Christmas.

It's only 7 pm here in Toronto, so I'm not done yet. Perhaps I'll be back later tonight, but more likely tomorrow.

Happy Card Making my friends.