Saturday, September 01, 2012

Raccoon attack

One day a couple of months ago my friend Vanessa was awoken by some strange noises in her kitchen downstairs. She got up and went to check it out. To her dismay she saw a raccoon eating her cat's food. She wasn't sure what she should do, so she went back upstairs and Googled, "what to do if raccoons come into your house!"  She went back down stairs , turned on her ceiling fan, turned on the radio and all the lights and yelled at the creature to get out after arming herself with a broom. It slowly sauntered out the kitchen door to the deck.

Now my friend lives on the 2nd and 3rd floor of a house. That big old raccoon had some how climbed up onto her deck, and onto the bathroom window sill, and scratched away at the screen until it ripped it to shreds. It then went in through the open bathroom window.

The following night a similar scene took place. However this time the big old raccoon was accompanied by 4 little babies. They were eating that cat food again. She repeated her antics of the previous night, and eventually got the whole family out.

Of course she had to keep her bathroom window closed, and in the very hot month of July, she had to suffer the heat every night. After talking with some people, she discovered that sprinkling cayenne pepper on the deck would deter the critters from returning.

Now she has just moved into a new home, and I thought I would give her this little card to remind her of the incident, and make sure she is aware that the critters can follow her to her new abode!

Tiered cards

I was shown how to make these cards by Darlene while I was in Lockport last week. Just take all the yellow pieces and tier them by sticking them on top of each other in concentric rectangles.  Then stamp away. When you are done take them apart and put the mats behind them.