Friday, November 08, 2013

Remembrance Day Celebration Space

Since we don't really have much to celebrate in Canada during November, (no the cold weather isn't worth celebrating!) I thought I would try to make a November 11 space. It's not totally finished, but I wanted to post it now while I remember.
I want to add something in the 2 photo frames on the shelf, with perhaps 'In Flanders Field' poem, and the other one saying, REMEMBER.
The banner on the mirror, is too bright, it looks too much like a birthday banner, I will correct that somehow.
I had cut out 12 poppies to go on the wreath, but in the process of putting it together one went missing. Try as I might I could not find that last one. Then it dawned on me, since it is for November 11, (11/11), then 11 poppies was appropriate.