Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mothers Day

My Mum died in 2004 and this Mothers Day I wanted to make a tribute to her life. This is the layout I came up with.
The journaling says:
Dear Mum,
You are so beautiful in this picture as a bridesmaid. I can't help but wonder if you had any idea back then of how your future life would be. You have accomplished so much and have touched so many lives.

I bet you didn't know back then you would:

Leave South Africa
Marry a soldier
Become a nurse
Have four children
Take student in from all over the world
Have eight grandchildren
Travel the world and exotic places
Knit sweaters for African children
Donate money to buy goats for African families
Volunteer with seniors

On the tag:

Of all your accomplishments I am so glad you decided to be my mum.
You are not only a wonderful Mother but a wonderful friend