Sunday, January 30, 2011

First post for 2011

I can't believe that it's been months since I had something to share!  I have been making cards and sharing ideas with friends, but not a whole heck of a lot!

I discovered Custom Crops through Robyn's site, My Pink Stamper, and they have had some amazing deals lately, and with the Canadian Dollar doing so well, I don't mind ordering from the USA.  So I have ordered a few Cricut cartridges from them while they had their sale on.  My latest one is From My Kitchen.  I have always loved the images, but it has never been on sale before.  Guess how much?  $23.  Yes that is all.  Here in Canada you would be looking at least $70.  So I have been cutting away this weekend in preparation from a project at school.

We have a snack program that supplies kids with 2 food groups each morning, veggies and crackers, salsa and nachos, yogurt and fruit, muffins and milk, etc.  We have a kitchen  that also provides a hot lunch for $3.  The kids are sent home each month with a snack envelope in hopes that parents will donate about $5 per child.  We are a small inner city school of less than 200 kids.  We have been averaging about 10 - 15 kids bringing donations.  The snack program is in jeopardy, so we need to encourage parents to scrape together a few dollars to help out.  So my idea is to have a poster in the front hall, where the parents come in, and show them photos of the foods that are served for snack, and some info on the cost of such snacks and the benefit of a healthy start to the day.

These are the cuts I have made so far, and I will be adding some veggies and words.

If you know of any company or individual who might be able to make a donation to help keep our snack program up and running please leave me a comment on how I can contact them.

Thanks for looking!