Saturday, February 04, 2017

Hello Winter

Up here in Toronto, Canada we usually have pretty cold winters. This year has been another story. There has been hardly any snow, and and it's been pretty mild. This past week though, the temperatures have been about -14C with the wind chill factor.  It's pointless to talk about the temperatures without the windchill in the winter or the humidex in the summer, because the way it feels take precedence over what the thermometer shows. Anyway we still haven't really had that much snow, but it is actually beginning to feel like winter. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a big fan of winter, but I worry a little about all the talk of the greenhouse affect.

If you don't live in North America, you many not know about Groundhog Day, no not the movie, the actual day, February 2nd. For some very strange reason, people put their faith in a rodent to know whether Spring will be here sooner or later. If that Groundhog sees his shadow, he runs back into his borrow and that apparently means there will be 6 more weeks of Winter. However, if he doesn't see his shadow, he stays out and that means Spring will be along soon. Now does that make any sense at all? Other than the fact its a rodent making this decision, surely when the sun is shining and causing shadows, it should mean the opposite.  There are probably about 4 Groundhogs that make these prediction, but our local one lives in Wiarton, Bruce County, Ontario and his name is Willie. He predicted that Spring is arriving very soon.

There have been very many colds and flu at my school, both teachers and students alike are being struck with it. So my idea this year is to make these sweet little tissue boxes for the staff at school for Valentines Day. Again I have to thank Angelina Clark from for the great idea. I was considering adding a little addition on the back to put in a few cough lozenges, but it looked too bulky and would probably catch on something in the purse.

I've also been busy making some cute little Post-It Note books. I'll write another post about them soon.

Happy Groundhog Day

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