Sunday, February 01, 2015

Valentine treat.

I was trying to decide what to make for the children at school for Valentine's Day. I saw some interesting owls to craft on Pinterest, which gave me an idea.

I have been saving my empty toilet rolls to take in for the kids to make stuff with, but I wanted to ensure there was enough for one each, so I was on my way to 30.

I realised that I could use them as a container for the kiddies, so I came up with this idea.

First I had to clean off the remaining paper on the rolls. Some brands make that easy, others do not. I used a knife to scrape the tough glue off the roll.
Next I chose the papers that I would use and cut them at 4"X 6".
I glued them onto the roll, it was a little bit tricky.
I punched a circle to fit the bottom of the roll, and glued it in place. This was very frustrating as the rolls don't always stay round, sometimes they get a bit squashed.
While the glue was drying, I punched out black and white circles for the eye, and adhered them to each other.
I cut out a large brown circle then folded it in half, and ran it through my die cut machine again to give me 2 oval shapes.
I also cut out a heart and a beak by hand.
Then I pinched the tube together at either end of the top.
I pushed down the front and back to make points of both sides, and squeezed the corners between my thumb and finger.
Next I adhered the wings, eyes, beak and heart.
I had already sorted out a few candies to give the children, so I got them ready.
I opened the top, rolled up the baggie, and popped them in and pushed the top back down again.
This is what I will be giving the children. I figure they can keep it as a keepsake after they have eaten the candies.
I already had the toilet rolls, patterned paper and cardstock on hand, so the only expense was the candies.


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