Wednesday, May 19, 2010

April's Project 12

I have been busy making other paper crafts in the past month and my Project 12 completely left my mind.  The cut off date is the 20th I believe, so I quickly threw this one together.  I like the paper colour combination, I knew which photos I wanted to use, but when I put it together, it looked a bit lopsided and crowded!

Anyway here it is.  The photos are:
Frenchy, celebrating her 5th year in Canada at the Fox and Fiddle pub
A stall outside St. Lawrence Market on Easter Day
Smoke from a fire at my building
Dinner at the Hard Rock after watching Grease at the Canon Theatre
Beatriz at the Distillery District on Easter Day
The Black Jacks for the scavenger hunt at Nathan Philips Square

1 comment:

Davinie Fiero said...

This is nice! I love the orange base. The patterned paper pop off that color. I also like the use of memorabilia! thanks for playing along!