Saturday, May 01, 2010

Challenge #4

Make a project using your least favorite or least used cartridge.

This was a pretty easy choice for me.  I had seen all the great boxes that people were making and I longed for Tag, Bag, Boxes and More.  When I got it, I quickly realised that it works better if you have a Cricut Expression.  I have the little one that only takes 6x12 paper, so the boxes are way too small for anything.  Also I seldom ust the Blackletter cartridge, just not a fan of the font, but it came with my Cricut, so I figured I should use something from that one too.  It looks nice, but when you consider I cut this at it's biggest, the shirt box came out at 4" x 4 1/2" and only 1/2" high.  I don't think my shirt will fit in there!!

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Nisson Family said...

Love the colors! Thanks for participating in the challenge!