Thursday, January 19, 2012

Owl Miss You

I got word that the OA at school was leaving, and decided I needed to make her a little gift.  For some strange reason I felt that Veronica and I had a connection some how. Anyway I set to work making this pack of cards using an owl, because it just seemed right.
However, shortly after making the cards, I discovered that I had wrong information, and that she isn't leaving.  Then over the winter break our connection made itself known. Veronica knew George, my partner who died 15 years ago. She used to babysit his kids!
I held on to the cards to give her at a later date, but in the end I wanted her to have them, and explained my mistake. Turns out she loves owls, because she is a Brownie leader!

Here they are:

I added a mini pen, pencil and eraser, and stamped all the envelopes too.

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