Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hallowe'en Cards

I had such a difficult time with my Cricut today.  All I wanted to do was make some cards for the kids at school using the Hallowe'en cartridge, but even after changing the blade, it still refused to cut properly, either ripping the paper, of getting small pieces stuck under the blade, or the paper slipping off the mat.

So I ended up using another cartridge, and still had trouble.  So I didn't get as many finished as I had planned.  I think the rest will be stamped.

Anyway here are the results today, not the best, but the best of what I did manage to save.

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Lisa said...

All of the cards are so awesome!! I have troubles like that with my Cricut, too. I end up taping almost every piece of paper to the mat so it doesn't slip off. It is frustrating but then, so is trying to cut and having the paper not stick and then ruining a perfectly good piece of paper! The cards you managed to cut look fabulous!! :)