Friday, January 22, 2010

Dad's upcoming birthday

My dad will turn 83 in February.  He's doing well, even though he has Alzheimer's Disease.  He lives with his dog Lucy in a 3 bedroom house in England.  He has family that check in on him regularly and also 'carers' who visit 3 times a day to make sure he has eaten and gets his meds. 

My mum died 5 years ago and my sister and I thought that Dad would follow shortly thereafter because the two of them were hardly ever apart, and my mum was the head of the household.  We didn't think he could manage without her and would die of a 'broken heart'.  We were wrong!

I try to go home each year for a couple of weeks, to give family members a break, and to hang out with my dad.  Sometimes it gets a bit uncomfortable as the disease will affect his mood.  But for the most part I enjoy the trip.  I won't be going this year due to some debt that I have.  So hopefully he'll hold on for another year!

He used to be passionate about photography, but he seldom goes out to take pictures anymore.  He was always in his developing room being creative with his work.  But since the digital camera, he never does any developing anymore, except for printing on his computer.

He loves to fish, so for his birthday card I used my recently bought Cricut machine and made this card for him.  I know he'll like it.


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