Sunday, May 06, 2007

Camping at Brightlingsea

Way back in 1966 I was around 10ish and my dad decided to take our family on our first camping trip. A friend of his loaned us a tent which looked more like a marquee, and after setting it up in the back yard to make sure he knew what went where, we discovered that 6 of us fit into it with lots of room.

We set off for Brightlingsea, a seaside resort about half an hour from our home. The tent was pitched and we started our holiday. There was freedom back then for children to explore without the fear of abuction. My siblings and I did a lot of exploring. That night after Mum made us dinner on a propane powered stove top, we settled down for a good night's sleep. What a night! No one could get comfortable. Sleeping on the ground with no mattress was new to all us kids. There were countless complaints!

Next morning Dad drove home and sort out all kinds of cushions from our house. Couch cushions, pillows, even the actual foam seating from our couch! So that night we all slept a lot better!

Here is a layout that I just completed today. Here you can see the opening of the tent with my older brother and my 2 younger sisters. I think the youngest would have been about 3 or 4.

David went for a boat ride, and I love the picture of me and my sisters waving him off!

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