Saturday, November 03, 2012

Experimenting with Flip It cards

While I was in Lockport NY staying with my friend Maria I went with her to a rubber stamp show and bought a ton of stamps and other related things. One of these things was a flip flop die. 

In the past when I have made flip it cards, I have used my scorer, big shot and a circular die. There is a little measuring involved, not too difficult, but I did want to see how the actual flip flop die worked.
Here is one that I tried without the flip flop die.
I used a circle die. Click on the link above to see the tutorial
And here is one with the flip flop die from
I decided that the way it folded didn’t suit me, so I was able to figure out how to center the flipped part of the cars, and I like it so much better.
Then a few days later I saw a Darlene DeVries youtube video on Pinterest that intrigued me. I watched and knew I needed to try it out immediately.
Mine didn’t turn out as well and I decided that I didn’t like all the score lines on it, so I made a slightly different version. This one the centre doesn’t flip all the way, but I prefer it.
With the ones I have tried so far, the last one is the one I like the most. The one with the actual flip flop die is a little faster, but I am limited to just a rectangular flip.

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